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Meet Kim


God put a hunger in my heart for His Word when I was a teenager. For more than 30 years now He’s given me opportunities to share the riches of the Bible with others. I’ve taught Bible studies in traditional church and home group settings but I’ve also had the joy of meeting people in unique places
to study and discuss the Word of God. Coffee shops, the local library, the Salvation Army, the break room at work, park benches, walking, 
and hiking trails have all been wonderful places to open the Bible and share with others.

I’ve also been an avid runner and hiker since my teenage years so I love all of the analogies running and hiking provides for this journey we call life. Our Christian lives are a journey - sometimes we run and sometimes we can hardly put one foot in front of the other. There are happy, fun-filled times as well as
times of great struggle, pain 
and sorrow.


Through it all, I know that God promises never to leave us.
25-year career as an occupational therapist at a rehabilitation hospital has given me many opportunities to encourage others in the principles of perseverance and continuing on even when life is difficult.


My life mission is to share the love of Jesus that I have found in God’s precious Word. My deep love for God, for others and for the Bible sustains that mission and encourages me to help others persevere in their own life journeys.
I cherish spending time with my husband and our two young adult sons. Our favorite family vacations involve wilderness adventure in the great outdoors.

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