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“If you enjoy good writing, good art, and good photography of God's creation, then Kim Ball's book, Life is a Journey: Don't Give Up! is a great devotional made just for you!  Through 40 chapters, she takes you through the journey of the Christian life, weaving together true stories, memorable quotes, amazing photos, and lots of Scripture.  I've never seen a book quite like this (and I've seen lots of books.)  This would be a great 40-day devotional for personal or group study and I highly recommend it."

                                                                                                             Bruce W. Martin, author of Desperate For Hope,

“This is one of the most different books I have ever read. I am thankful for Kim using all God has taught her through her journaling and daily walk. I wish I had had something like this as a new Christian years ago. I look forward to gifting it to others who are new in the faith. And I look forward to going through it slowly myself in the new year, digesting it and allowing God to use it in areas of my heart and life that need to grow in Him, die to self and be strengthened for service. There are 12 sections. I think I will spend a month in each section.”

                                                                                                             Sue Smith, missionary, wife, mother and grandmother

"Kim offers priceless spiritual nuggets of wisdom and practical instruction to help guide, encourage, and strengthen believers. Its beautifully illustrated pages with rich quotes caused me to stop, reflect and just soak in God's amazing love. Each page refreshed my soul! Life is a Journey is a must-have "manual" for believers who desire to keep growing deeperin their relationship with Jesus.”

                                                                 Pam Enderby, Bible teacher, author of When Heartache Happens and Everyday Light

“I believe the joy is in the journey.  I'm grateful that Kim has provided an incredibly helpful handbook to take along with us on our personal journeys to find the joy God intends.  Whatever leg of the journey we find ourselves on-mountaintops, valleys, dry-land, or cruising along carefree-Kim has provided applicable insight and Biblical Truths to challenge, inspire, and reassure us that God is always with us.  Life Is A Journey will remain a well-used mainstay in my library."

                                                                                              Chris Hahn, former Executive Pastor at Southland Christian Church, Nicholasville, Kentucky

“If life is a journey then this book is definitely something to have in your “backpack”. The Bible verses are “easy to carry” and carefully chosen to transform the traveler and give light to your path. There are many powerful quotes from Christian authors, along with encouraging prayers, testimonies, stories and images to help you grasp the truth and know how to walk in it. Kim writes in a refreshingly vulnerable, honest and direct way, out of her own determined journey with Jesus. This is a treasure chest of practical wisdom, for the new believer setting off, or for those who have been on the journey a long time and you will want to return to it again and again.”

                                                                                                                               Fiona Richardson, Bible teacher, missionary, writer of Biblical resources for young women in African countries, author of Power of Praying Scripture

“Kim Ball, in Life is a Journey, reminds us that the Christian life is indeed one of perseverance but also one empowered by Jesus Christ.  With practical and Godly insights, Kim shares with her readers the joy of running the race with Jesus and running it well."

                                                                                                             Steve Dwinnells, Phd, University Professor

“Kim Ball has skillfully woven Biblical principles, godly advice, and practical tips into a comprehensive and accessible handbook for developing one’s walk with God.  Life is a Journey, Don’t Give Up is as relevant to refueling the mature believer as it is for guiding those new in the faith into a thriving and dynamic relationship with Christ.  I fully intend to incorporate this bookinto my discipleship toolbox.”

                                                                                                             L.W.  Cross-cultural worker in Asia

“I read the book alongside my daily Bible plan. Both books together make great sense! God helps me to reflect and remember the love that He’s been showing me in my own journey. The book teaches God’s principles that we are to learn and follow. It shows us how God loves us, how Jesus died for us and how God’s Holy Spirit helps guide us to be Christ-like.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                               Eric Corman, Bible study member

"From the beginning of the book and throughout, you can sense the personal faith journey Kim has taken.  I particularly enjoyed reading about people she has met along the way, and their stories.  The book is set up in segments that can be read easily as we journey through each day.  Kim challenges us to keep going even in difficult times, and reminds us that we are not taking this journey alone.  Scripture is sprinkled throughout each section of the book reminding us that God has a unique plan for each of our lives.  This book is a wonderful respite for anyone who needs rest, renewal and refueling.  I highly recommend it."

                                                                                                         Devi Hall, Bible Study member

"Kim's approach to writing is uniquely wonderful.  This book is a treasure trove of delights.  Inside you'll find the words of ageless hymns, historical quotes of great servants of Christ, packed with Scripture, and infused with lots of personal life lessons.  I enjoyed it and you will enjoy it too.  Simply put-this is a life-time journey with God, shaped by His own powerful hand."

                                                                                                                         Steve Pearson, Senior Pastor, Church of the Savior, Nicholasville, Kentucky                                                                                                     

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