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These books will serve as your guide and training manual for living day by day with perseverance the life God has for you.  They are filled with Scripture, testimonies, short teachings and quotes as well as beautiful photos that share this message. All photos are originals taken by author, Kim Ball along her Christian journey, frequently on a hike or during a run. 

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Comprehensive full color book filled with photos, scriptures, testimonies, and teachings to encourage persevering in the Christian life. (500 pages) $25 each

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Messages about life with Jesus, teachings from the book of John, quiet time, life lessons from Acts, God's promises and God's Word for our lives in this full color book. (63 pages) $10 each

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All of Jesus' teachings in this scripture-packed full color book as well as a summary of Acts and life lessons from the First Christians. (63 pages) $10 each

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